It may seem crazy writing about the St. Louis Cardinals when we are a group of lifelong Chicago Cubs fans. While we will always remain loyal to our Cubs, we can relate to the Cardinal’s philosophy in which a strategy in consistency plays a vital role in building a growth-fueled business.

The Cardinals have won 11 World Series Championships, the highest in the National League, and second in Major League Baseball just below the New York Yankees. With 19 National League pennants, the Cardinals rank third in NL history. The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the most successful franchises in baseball history, and consistency has played a role in getting them there.

Consistency is the intentional action of achieving repeatability. It requires momentum, focus, responsibility, and commitment. It is the foundation used by successful companies to build their mission, vision, and corporate strategy. It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate, a strategy in consistency is the key to hitting a home run and here’s why:

Recruiting and Nurturing Talent
Whether drafting an outfielder or recruiting a new candidate, the goal is to hire someone with talent and vision that aligns with the organization. The Cardinals rely on scouts to evaluate potential players, analyzing speed, agility, and velocity, to identify flaws and strengths. Development plans nurture talent and because of this system, the team is less about drafting big-name players as they are about ‘growing’ them. Companies recruit candidates with relevant expertise while at the same time gauging the applicant’s ability to fit in with the company’s culture and grow with the organization.

Building a Positive Culture
Entry level to senior executive, building a positive and thriving culture is dependent on the collective whole acting with a consistent vision that is forward-thinking. “The Cardinal Way” is a handbook that shares team mission, expectations for efforts in playing, and behavior on and off the field. In a corporate environment, a shared vision is a unifying power, that drives decision-making, promotes innovation, and positively impacts organization success.

Enabling Measurement
Without consistency, you cannot measure what is working or not. Employee reviews, merit increases, and promotion opportunities are determined by analyzing a consistent set of performance metrics. Batting, pitching, baserunning, and fielding statistics play key roles in determining a player’s overall value. End-of-season statistics drive strategy and team restructuring for the new season, just as market trends and sales revenue guide a company’s future business strategy.

In 2018, the Chicago Cubs are favored in the NL Central over the St. Louis Cardinals. This growth in ranking is not based on a game of chance, but on the development of a strategy intended to focus on consistent and specific goals that push the team forward. The Cardinals may also choose to modify their own plan to ensure the team is focused on a winning outcome.

Excelling in Quality and Service 
A strategy in consistency is the driving force behind long-term relationships. Clients expect consistency in the quality of service and products received. Employees need consistency to build trust, to understand vision and expectations. Companies must develop consistency to measure performance, to effectively lead, and to build a reputation that fires growth. The St. Louis Cardinals know consistency is an integral factor in building a team that succeeds from top to bottom. A winning team knows that success is a marathon, not a sprint, just like making it to the World Series involves an in-depth technical strategy not ad hoc hits and stolen bases.

It may have taken the Chicago Cubs 108 years to win the World Series, but Theo Epstein, President of Baseball Operations, and Cubs owner The Ricketts Family, have invested considerably in the transformation of the beloved Cubs. This includes a revised strategy lined with consistency: to the game, to the players, to the fans. A commitment to excelling in talent, culture and quality. Based on the passion and knowledge of Epstein, Ricketts and the rest of the organization another World Series will surely arrive in less time. Let’s call it “The Cub Way”. Go Cubs Go!

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