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Yes, The Hechtman Group’s partners and managers are all certified public accountants. We are licensed and have met all state certifications as well as annual continuing education requirements.

An accountant can help a new business owner in a number of areas, including bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning & preparation, and consulting services. The Hechtman Group LLC has experience assisting various clients from starting a business plan to day-to-day operations.

A business succession plan details the processes and procedures in place to replace owners and key leadership positions when retirement or other events require structural change. Creating such a plan is crucial for the sustainability of the business as well as for the growth of integral employees.

We provide exceptional service to all clients, no matter the industry. However, our years of expertise in the real estate profession allows us to manage these clients in a unique way. We have alliances in the real estate niche, which gives us the ability to provide additional services and knowledge to our real estate clients.

At The Hechtman Group LLC we evaluate our client’s tax situation to ensure they are paying the correct amount of tax to the federal and state governments.  We encourage our clients to take advantage of our tax planning opportunities and evaluate what tax is due and when.

If you are required to file a business tax return in addition to your personal return, the business tax returns are due by March 15th, with an extension of time to file up to September 15th. In regard to personal taxes, these returns are due April 15th with an extension of time to file up to October 15th. It is important to have both your business and personal taxes reviewed ahead of these deadlines, as an extension of time to file does not relieve taxpayers from an extension of tax payments (if required).

Yes, The Hechtman Group LLC offers free consultations. We can conduct a full review of your personal and/or business information free of charge. We will prepare a proposal outlining our services and fee quotes, so we can properly manage our client’s expectations.

Yes, The Hechtman Group LLC has years of experience in handling matters with the IRS, such as tax notices and audits. If a tax or audit notice is received, we will prepare a Power of Attorney and communicate directly with the IRS or state authority on our client’s behalf.

Personal and business tax returns should always be kept for your records. A good rule of thumb is at least seven to ten years.