If you are looking for tax returns from prior years, please email Julie Murphy julie@thehechtmangroup.com

SafeSend Exchange securely transfers files back and forth to clients and also allows you to access the emails sent by THG for up to 7 years.

Instructions for the hechtman group safeSend exchange (new)

1. Click on the ‘SafeSend Exchange Login’ button on this page or at the bottom of any of our Hechtman Group employees’ emails to you.

2. In the new window, enter your Email, First Name and Last Name.

THG Step 1 B

3. Type in a Subject and a Message, if needed.

*In the message section, please include the name of the person at THG that you would like the documents to go to as the documents will be sent to our administrative department, and they will route them to the person indicated.

THG Step 2 B

4. Click on the ‘Attach’ button and upload the files from your computer.

*If you are sending more than one document, please upload and send all of them at the same time.

THG Step 3 B

5. Click the ‘Send File(s)’ button.