Accounting services

Reviews, Compilations

Financial reporting is an integral part of any business operation and provides a detailed account of your business operations to major stakeholders. Stockholders, creditors, private investigators, and others, use these reports to learn more about your company, while statutory and regulatory bodies use the reports to confirm compliance to specific laws and required standards of conduct.

Our team of experienced accounting professionals understands the importance of detail, of diving into the layers, to deliver in-depth and succinctly stated financial reports. Our services include:

  • Review
  • Compilation

To understand the difference between a compilation and a review please see our comparative overview. Through our comprehensive accounting practice, we are able to immerse ourselves in your business to provide insights and service solutions that maximize your company’s profitability and operational efficiency.

CAS Services

The record-keeping you manage throughout the year will simplify the task of compilation at year-end. It can be time-consuming and complicated. The Hechtman Group LLC provides services to address the day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping, payroll, training, and best practices to enable business owners to concentrate on more critical strategies that grow their business.