Next-Level Business Productivity With the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Training by The Hechtman Group

With an estimated 80% market share, Intuit’s QuickBooks is the largest accounting software in the United States. Its popularity is attributed to the program’s ability to help businesses increase their productivity through leveraging the power of QuickBooks’ user-friendly functionality.

Many people are familiar with either QuickBooks or accounting. But being knowledgeable in both is power. When you know both bookkeeping and QuickBooks and use the best practices, you help your own business prosper while adding another professional skill under your belt.

The Hechtman Group offers an unparalleled QuickBooks ProAdvisor Training to help you with your wealth management journey.


QuickBooks ProAdvisor Training

QuickBooks has many tools and options you can use to increase productivity. It offers a wealth of product offerings for companies and businesses, both commercial and retail. Understanding QuickBooks’ complete capabilities as a valuable accounting resource and deciding which version of it is appropriate for you, or how to use its full functionality, will enable you to achieve financial success.

Start with analyzing your business’ daily productivity and pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses. Once you identify your weaknesses, find the tools that will help you accomplish each task most effectively. The hardest part after finding what tool you need is setting up but once it’s done, you are ready to go.

QuickBooks has an enormous range of tools that can replace almost any kind of work.


  • QuickBooks Online / QuickBooks Advanced Online: a cloud-based software that can be accessed anywhere with automatic data backups
  • QuickBooks Desktop / QuickBooks Advanced Desktop: best suited to small and mid-sized businesses with complex accounting needs and higher customization requirements, but needs to be downloaded and installed to your computer
  • QuickBooks Enterprise: offers end-to-end accounting solutions for diverse types of businesses like manufacturers and wholesalers with features like payroll, payables, inventory tracking, and advanced pricing
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale: can be used for cash registers, track inventory, sales, and customer information


Learn to leverage the power of Quickbooks’ user-friendly functionality

With the Hechtman Group’s guidance, you can utilize QuickBooks ProAdvisor for your business operations. Understanding how ProAdvisors can help you or your employees unleash the full power of QuickBooks is essential to making informed business decisions.


  • Ease of Setup and Use: The dashboards in QuickBooks give you an easy look at all of your business’ main metrics at a glance after you log in. With a simple yet customizable layout, it provides a quick overview of profit and loss, expenses, bank balances, invoices, and sales.
  • Invoicing: Instead of having to navigate to the client’s contact record, QuickBooks makes it simple to update client information directly on the invoice.
  • Expenses and Bills: With QuickBooks, you can manage, customize, and track expenses and bills for each category, which simplifies the expense management process.
  • Reporting: QuickBooks Online makes it easy to pull reports based on a date range, such as P&L and balance sheets.
  • Integration: QuickBooks offers a good number of integrations where you can streamline and migrate your other business tools such as CRM system, ecommerce, and email marketing tools.


The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Training by The Hechtman Group can help you understand the dynamic world of accounting and gain vast knowledge on audit, tax, financial planning, accounting management, and even complex laws like the 501(c)(3) of US Internal Revenue Code.