Grogan Katie Hechtman Group CPA Real Estate Tax

Katie grew up in Evanston, IL. The Illinois native is an administrative assistant with The Hechtman Group, providing critical support to the firm’s partners. She attended the College of Lake County with honors. Prior to her role with THG, Katie worked for several smaller companies, in administrative and customer service support roles.


In addition to supporting the partners of THG Katie also executes admin duties including the processing of tax returns, communicating with clients, and data entry. As tax season begins, she works with clients on gathering the necessary documents, providing online resources, and obtaining signatures needed to finalize the return. In every action taken, she is focused on making sure the client is being taken care of and their questions are being answered.


Technically sharp, Katie is able to build, maintain, and repair computers – and cars. Her preferred vacation would be walking on the sands of a coastal beach. In addition to reading, gaming, and biking, Katie enjoys an evening with friends at long-time Chicago establishment RJ Grunts.