Daniela Gutierrez Hechtman Group Senior Accountant CPAs skokie Chicago IL

Dani Gutierrez joined The Hechtman Group in 2022 where she serves as Senior Tax Accountant. She plays an important role in the preparation and review of complex tax returns for the firm’s clients.

Dani interacts with clients to ensure tax documents are in order, and to understand any significant financial changes year over year. Her goal is to create long-term relationships with her clients, so they feel comfortable discussing tax and financial concerns and trust Dani to prepare annual returns with detailed accuracy.

Originally from Colton, California, Dani earned a bachelor’s in accounting from California State University of San Bernardino. The majority of her professional career has been in tax accounting, a subject she enjoys for the continuous learning it brings. Dani worked for several CPA firms before joining The Hechtman Group, a firm she describes as team-oriented, organized, and professional but fun.

Outside of the office, Dani is an avid DIYer, working on home renovation projects with her boyfriend. The youngest of six children, she cherishes family and the 17 nieces and nephews with whom she spends her time. Her Goldendoodle Daisy is a good companion for long walks and exercise, a healthy habit for relieving stress during tax season.