Love Your Phone?
Our clients say they do – and
here are some of the reasons why.
One Email Box Convenience
We are hearing a lot these days about how much clients like getting their messages from different sources in one convenient email box.  Beyond “unified messaging”, we offer enhancements that allow you to access all of the following messages from a single email box:
  • Calls to your desk phone
  • Calls to your cell phone
  • Faxes
When you receive a fax or voicemail to any of your numbers, they are automatically emailed to you in a single inbox – simple, easy and productive.  
The End of Unwanted Calls
Have you ever been plagued by ‘voice spammers?’ They are those irritating telemarketers you can’t seem to shake, no matter what. Does your phone ring with interruption calls you want to avoid?
We can solve this problem. After receiving an unwanted call, you can simply dial a short code and add that number to a ‘blacklist.’ Next time you are called from that number, your phone will not ring – instead the voice spammer gets a tone indicating a disconnected number followed by a busy signal.
Take Action 
If you want to love your phone the way so many of our clients do, contact us and ask for Bob.
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